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This is a secondary blog on my tumblr account, and I want it to be a primary account!

I’m moving to this account


this is my new home!

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emilykinneysexpiredlover answered to your post “Allow me to introduce myself”

Hey I was reading this when I noticed to mentioned the EK line its actually “You and I are experts at pretending to be kids”

Thanks m’lovely! 

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Allow me to introduce myself

I often find it strange describing and introducing myself to people. “Introduce yourself” always leaves me stumped as to what to say and questions like “What is a strange fact about yourself?” or “What are you most proud of?” terrify me in interviews. So this blog is going to be me getting over that fear. Here is a list of introductions about me.

  • I am named after a town in Scotland.
  • Three times during my school years I was an extra in the Sarah Jane Adventures.
  • Elizabeth Sladen said my shoes were lovely and I gushed like a fangirl.
  • I organise my fridge at home in a very particular way, and I worry that I won’t be able to cope with my student house fridge.
  • I dye my hair pink once in a while, for a week at a time. Not sure why. Maybe it’s the feeling of rebellion I get from it.
  • I don’t rebel very often.
  • I’m 19, but still say I’m 18 and then have to back track.
  • I recently heard a line in an Emily Kinney song that describes the way I often feel. ‘You and I are experts at pretending to be kids.’
  • My brain likes to think I can draw, my handon the other hand can’t.
  • I always organise change in my hand so that it is in size order.
  • I love being creative.
  • I daydream like crazy.
  • I got a first in my first year of uni and I’m dead proud of myself.

I think I may challenge myself to develop my strange facts and proud moments this year. Maybe it will lead to a new introduction blog in a few months - who knows?

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And so it begins!

Around 3 months ago, I somehow managed to get myself a job as a student blogger as part of the fresher campaign team at my university by talking about friendship at university. It’s safe to say when I got the email asking me to be part of the team in the middle of the Sue Ryder shop, I’m sure people thought I was a little crazy grinning wildly at the clutch bags.

Although having no previous experience blogging, I relished the challenge, and after getting over the initial challenge of fearing that my writing was awful, I think I have taken to it like a duck to water! I love it so much I decided I want to start my own blog, and low and behold, here it is.

I haven’t quite decided what sort of blog this is going to be yet, so to begin with excuse the eclectic mix of posts. I imagine that over the coming weeks there will be several creative blogs, as I am moving into my new student house and have been getting busy with the decoration!

Tomorrow I will upload an introductory post about all things Paisley May, but for now I will keep it short and sweet. Goodbye m’lovelies!


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